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PASSARO´s developments have been highlighted at international conferences

2019 nov 04

Last month ISQ was at the EMC Europe, in Barcelona (Spain), and at the 9th EASN conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space, in Athens (Greece), to disseminate the activities developed under the PASSARO project.

At EMC Europe, on 2 September, ISQ researcher presented a talk titled "Lightning Low Level vs High Level Direct Current Injection Tests on a Full Scale Aircraft Cockpit". He addressed the direct current injection (DCI) tests, in both low and high levels, performed on a full-scale aircraft cockpit with hybrid construction (carbon fiber composite and metallic parts) and some electromagnetic simulations carried out to optimize testing and analyze test results.

At EASN conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space, on September 3 to 6, ISQ addressed the “Impact Damage on Al-alloys and Composite Materials for Aircraft Fuselage Usage” , exploring possible correlations between impact characteristics and resulting damage.

In the same context they also presented the talk "A Comprehensive Test Plan for the Evaluation of the Degradation of Electrical and Electromagnetic Performance of CFC Materials Due to Long Term Low Level Electrical". On this work, an extended electrical test plan was presented, that subjects different CFC materials to low frequency/low intensity/long duration electrical overstress. The goal was to establish long term effects due to low intensity but long duration phenomena on CFC materials and how these affect the electrical and electromagnetic properties of the composites.